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Omega Variants
Omega-3, omega-6 and even omega-9 — these names are known or at least heard by every consumer. But for most, it's something like a spy password. The word is familiar, but what it means is unclear. Text: Yulia Pavlova
The fish comes to the shore
This autumn, Russian coastal fish processing seems to be gaining a second wind. The first, however, was back in Soviet times, but better late than never. Modern fish processing plants have already started working in several regions of our country, or a decision has been made to build them.
Knife and refrigerator
The new quota allocation mechanism should eventually reduce the prices of fish on domestic shelves. You can, of course, nod at retail chains and their cheating, but the fact remains: under the previous system, linking the cost of fish to foreign currency pulls Russian fish processing to the bottom.
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