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KB Granit is an engineering company that specializes in development, design and manufacturing of the equipment for primary fish processing, the construction “on a turn-key basis” of fish processing factories, caviar workshops, mobile caviar workshops, mobile modular fish processing production which can be in sea containers located in the fishing area or on a ship.

We have unique 12-year experience in machinery industry in both Russia and in the near and far abroad countries: this allows finding simple solutions for single units as well as complex solutions for factories. Besides, it helps us not to entangle production by the network of unnecessary conveyors and machines with excessive capacity, which consumes electricity, wastes material and resources of the customer. Our designers are able to calculate the parameters of units and machines in accordance with their purposes, to give the products a complete and ergonomic look. The automation specialists make it convenient to control the units – all our efforts are aimed at increasing the productivity of equipment, reducing manual labor and operating costs at the same time.


The equipment of the company “KB Granit” successfully competes with imported equipment for fish processing, because we have combined the experience of technologist and practitioners with the knowledge of biology, physics and engineering. We welcome open communication with our partners and we are ready to discuss the problems of any customer who contacts us. We will do our best to resolve any matter at hand: from the manufacturing of small details or finding the place where to buy them to giving an advice on choosing a contractor for the factory construction.

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