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Fish processing equipment

Head-cutting machine for direct cutting

Our machine is a cheaper analogue of the German head-cutting machines.
Main Features

Fish breeds/size range: Cod, salmon and similar breeds with a total length of approx. from 30 to 110 cm (max. thickness 150 mm)

Processing speed: max. 50 fish/min depending on size and breed

Staff: 1 person.

Water requirement: ~8 l/min

Electricity demand: 1.5 kW

Package dimensions: 2100x1500x2000 mm

Gross Weight: 740 kg


Device and features of the head-cutting machine

The machine is designed for decapitation of cod, salmon and similar fish species with a maximum back thickness of up to 150 mm. Depending on the laying of the fish, the machine produces a straight or oblique cut. Thanks to the device of the head-cutting machine, which fixes the dorsal fin, the fish can be loaded in such a way that it is precisely positioned for feeding to the transportation system with a double conveyor. In general, the maintenance and care of the GMPR machine is extremely simple, the head-cutting machine is made of non-corroding materials such as stainless steel and plastic suitable for contact with food.

Benefits for customer:

  • Wide operating range
  • The ability to process various fish breeds
  • Ease of use
  • The cutting angle of the head is performed as necessary
  • Supplied


The specified size range may vary depending on the proportions, quality and fatness of the fish. To achieve optimal yield, it is recommended to set up a head-cutting machine within the operating range for the size of fish, primarily produced in the fishing area. Processing of live and non-postmortem rigor mortis fish is impossible. All figures and dimensional parameters are conditional. The company reserves the right to introduce changes that improve the design of the machine.  The actual volume of delivery is indicated in our offers and may differ from the description and photos.

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Head-cutting machine for direct cutting
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