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Drum-type fish washing turns the fish over by rotating the drum, and washing is carried out by nozzles installed inside the drum.
Main Features

Capacity: up to 8 t/h

Power consumption: 0.55 kW

Water consumption: 5-10 cubic meters/h

Dimensions: 1700x650x830


Fish washer

This drum-type fish washing turns the fish over by rotating the drum, and washing in the fish washer is carried out by nozzles installed inside the drum. It is mandatory for the primary processing of fish in industrial enterprises to use special equipment for washing carcasses – this is a fish washing machine or in a word a fish washer. The features of the operation of such a device are as follows:

  • Fish is fed into the loading tray;
  • The drum rotates, while the loaded fish is mixed;
  • Inside the drum there are nozzles with which the carcasses are washed;
  • The fish passes through the auger to the unloading tray.

At the same time, the water is automatically drained. The fish prepared for further processing stages is dumped onto a special pallet.

A few words about the advantages of a fish washer

A fish washing machine or fish washer is an excellent equipment that greatly simplifies the process of processing fish at enterprises and fishing vessels. Such a device has high efficiency and will pay off in the shortest possible time.

The process of work for fish processors is greatly simplified, since the process of loading, washing and unloading is carried out without human assistance. Fish processors are only required to carry out supervisory control.

If you need a fish washer, then you should hurry up to place an order on the website. If you need support, contact a consultant – this can be done by phone.

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Fish washer
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