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Fish processing equipment

Fish Fin Cutting Machine

Закладка рыбных тушек производится
оператором вручную
Main Features

Dimensions: 615x370x480

Power supply: 2.2 kW, 220V, 50Hz

Knife speed: 3000 rpm

Weight: 30kg


The fish fin cutting machine is a very simple product for trimming fins. It works from a household network of 220V, 50Hz, to cut off the fins of the fish, it is enough to plug into the outlet. The machine has: two control buttons “on” and “off”; a protective cover and a frame for hand safety; a slingshot on the back of the casing for winding the wire.

The primary processing of fish carcasses at enterprises or fishing vessels involves the use of a variety of mechanisms and equipment. An indispensable and very productive device is a machine for cutting off the fins of fish. Regarding the features of this device, the following can be noted:

  • Operates from a household network of 220 V and a frequency of 50 Hz;
  • The machine is equipped with a protective casing and frame, which provides sufficient safety to the operator;
  • The device itself has a convenient control unit with “On” and “Off” buttons;
  • The laying of fish carcasses is done manually by the operator.

Advantages of Fin cutting machine

The machine for cutting off the fins of fish is characterized by ease of operation. Such a device greatly simplifies and optimizes the processing of fish carcasses. In view of this, the payback of the equipment is quite fast.

The cutting device performs fish processing efficiently and quickly. The operator should only perform visual control over the accuracy of processing.

In order for your fish processing production to have all the conditions for effective work, it is worth applying for the purchase of a fin cutting machine right now. If you need help, you should dial the contact service number.

615 х 370 х 480 мм
2,2 кВт
30 кг
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Fish Fin Cutting Machine
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