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Fish processing equipment

Fish Filleting Machine

В данном разделе представлены три модели филетировочных машин. Машина аккуратно вырезает хребет, оставляя чистое филе. Модели различаются по размерам рыбных тушек от самой маленькой SSS-521 и до самой большой SSS-523. Производительность моделей одинакова. Срок поставки до Владивостока — 1 мес.
Main Features

Productivity, pcs/min: 30-50

Model: SSS-521/522/523

Production: China

Dimensions: 1400D x 750SH x 1300 V

Materials: Food grade stainless steel, food grade rubbers and plastics

Power consumption: 0.75 kW; 220/380V

Weight, kg: 250


Filleting machine

Filleting machines are designed for processing carcasses of river and sea fish of medium and large sizes. The equipment is installed in the workshops of enterprises specializing in the production of fish products, due to excellent technical and operational characteristics, high efficiency and low cost, it is in great demand among consumers.

Design and operating principle of the filleting machine

The filleting machine is a metal two-piece box on a rigid frame. In one section there is an engine with a transmission system. In the second – the operating area through which processed fish carcasses pass along the conveyor belt. Removal of spinal bones is carried out using parallel knives. The operation of the machine and its maintenance does not require special skills, but the operator must comply with safety regulations. 


The line of filleting machines includes modifications SSS-521, SSS-522 and SSS-523. Structurally, the models are similar, the main difference is the engine power, the diameter of the blades of the knives and, accordingly, in performance. 

It is profitable to purchase a filleting machine SSS-521, SSS-522 and SSS-523 in our company. 

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Fish Filleting Machine
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