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Caviar shops

Coastal caviar shop 5 t/day

The coastal caviar shop with the possibility of processing 5 tons of incoming caviar per day "edited by KB GRANIT", in addition to the old proven technology (receiving the yastka - weighing— washing the yastka - fixing — punching — ambassador — weighing — antisepting — inspection — packing — weighing — warehouse), is equipped with some innovations.
Main Features

Fixing the anchor is now performed not in the bath, but on the conveyor. The continuity of the process provides more  high productivity with fewer staff. Brine salinity and temperature are now controlled automatically. The residence time of the yastyk in the solution is regulated by the speed of the tape, and the fixing time itself is determined by the caviar master.

Caviar punching is performed by the IS500 caviar separator, capable of passing through up to 500 kg of caviar per hour with a yield of up to 85% “good” on fresh ripe caviar. Smaller dimensions compared to separators of previous models or compared with similar machines of competitors, allow you to save production space and thereby save on the cost of construction. The machine is easy to maintain and operate.

The seemingly old and familiar caviar centrifuge underwent internal design changes, which made it possible to increase the service life of individual machine elements, increase smooth operation and reduce vibration. The changes also had a beneficial effect on the cost of the product.

Inspection transporters can be equipped with vacuum tweezers, which will allow girls not to waste time on removing a hand with a substandard particle and 2-3 times increase the productivity of each person engaged in the inspection.

Equipment composition:

  1. Reception and sorting table
  2. Weight posts
  3. Buffer rack.
  4. Table
  5. Anchorage conveyor
  6. Buffer table
  7. Caviar separator IS500
  8. Salting capacity 250L
  9. Caviar centrifuge
  10. Conveyor 11m
  11. Weighing table
  12. Antiseptic application post
  13. Inspection transporters
  14. Vacuum tweezers
  15. Antiseptic storage and weighing cabinet
  16. Table-cabinet for storage and weighing of antiseptic
  17. Two-section sink
  18. Table
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Coastal caviar shop 5 t/day
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