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Fish processing equipment

Squid Washing Machine

Машина имеет своим назначением обесшкуривать тушки кальмара путем окунания их в горячую воду (подогрев воды машина не выполняет). Машина осуществляет контроль температуры воды, времени работы и интенсивности перемешивания.
Main Features

Dimensions: 1420x1350x1340 mm,

Height together with the electrical panel: 1840 mm.

Drive power, kW: 0.37 kW

Tank capacity, l: 700 l


It is intended for cleaning carcasses or tentacles of squid parts from the skin by:

  • mechanical and thermal effects in warm water;
  • with simultaneous use of enzymes for bleaching effect;
  • either with the help of enzymes for skin separation, or a combination of all the above methods.

The water temperature, operating time and mixing intensity are monitored from the control panel.

It is used in technological lines with cutting and portioning machines of any

manufacturers. We will tie it to any project, to your equipment and premises.

Power consumption 0.4 Kw, e.g. networks 380

It is possible to manufacture on an individual order for a given size and performance.

Sending to any region.

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Squid Washing Machine
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