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Caviar shops

Coastal caviar shop 20 t/day

Coastal caviar shop with the possibility of processing 20 tons per day "raw". The mode of operation is two shifts of 10 hours.
Main Features

As you can see from the composition of the equipment , the technology of the workshop is as follows:

reception of the yastka — weighing – washing of the yastka — fixing — punching — ambassador — weighing — antisepting — inspection — packing — weighing — warehouse

This simple technology is widely used in many fish processing plants in the Far East. However, in comparison with workshops of lower productivity, this workshop is equipped with a double composition of standard caviar equipment. In this way, the specified performance is achieved during peak loading hours. Also, this approach allows you to exclude the shutdown of the entire production due to the failure of one of the pieces of equipment.


Equipment composition:

  1. Reception and sorting tables
  2. Weight posts.
  3. Tables-stands for containers
  4. Anchorage transporters
  5. Receiving tray
  6. Caviar separator IS1000
  7. Stretcher stand
  8. Calf stretcher
  9. Salting containers 300L
  10. Caviar centrifuges
  11. Conveyor 12m
  12. Two-section container sinks
  13. Tables for containers
  14. Weighing table
  15. Antiseptic application post
  16. Inspection transporters
  17. Vacuum tweezers
  18. Inspection table
  19. Antiseptic storage and weighing cabinet
  20. Table-cabinet for storage and weighing of antiseptic
  21. Two-section sink
  22. Table
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Coastal caviar shop 20 t/day
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